Me and You

Holding on to a ledge

with my finger tips,

and the ground falls

away at my feet.

I’m scared to stay,

scared to fall,

scared I’ll never hit the ground.

Scared to jump,

scared to fly,

scared of all the reasons why

I’m worthless.

So, take my hand

and jump with me,

P’raps together,

we can make this leap;

And though we fall

and hit the ground,

Or though we fly and

never are found

Though we lose ourselves from view

We shall be forever,


Me and You.



2 Replies to “Me and You”

  1. holding onto a ledge about to fall, i make a pledge to be at your beck and call, holding with your finger tips, i’ll make sure no nail breaks, and you wont hit the ground, because as long as i am around i’ll do what it takes, to make sure you wont just fly you’ll soar, now i open the door, you just need to walk through, and you say your worthless, who knew? I never thought that way, even the fires of hell would never make me say, those words that left your mouth, sure i’ll take your hand, but we don’t have to leap, because even though we may land, the fall is steep, so why don’t i pull you away from those hurtful things, and take you to a place where we both can fly with wings 😀
    (good poem by the way, it just is too down 😀 keep going though)

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