I’m sitting on a chair in a crowded room,

Watching them watching you;

You’re all alone, but you don’t care,

They hate you, but you’re not scared.

You’re the most visible person I’ve ever seen,

You shine through the dark like the sun at noon,

And when you smile, the world lights up,

and all their words are left in the dark.

But the light that is yours is fast growing dim,

and all that you’ve left in this world is a friend

or two.

The smile on your face is rarely seen,

and the wolves around you clamor and din,

They raise great cry, and they wail,

and they heap their words on your head.

And I know, I know, that these words are heavy.

But I’m alone, outside their vicious circle,

an onlooker at a wolfpack’s feast

And I beat at their cage of steel,

longing to help,

But my hands are weak,

and my fingers break,

And all I am is useless,

Unable to help the one who needs it most.



6 Replies to “Wolves”

  1. And they see you sitting there, your glory abounds
    And they long for your favours, and gather around
    But you are so far above them, the crowd and the jeers
    The storm and the strife and the fame and the tears

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