Your back’s to the wall,

a sword at your throat,

You’re surrounded by them,

you’ve barely got a hope.

But still, you’ll never ask for help,

never admit you might just lose.

You’re stubborn to the point of pain,

and you’ll never, ever give in.

So you show your fatal flaw,


Its roots grip onto your very soul,

Twisting and turning to the crux of it all,

The denial of your own fallible heart,

The denial of that which makes you whole

and human.

For that, humanity, it plagues us all,

Traps us in the frozen ball,

of our own emotions,

They bring us down, to our knees,

Expose you, make you weak,

and while your enemies are as human as you,

You strive to be more,




To be greater than them,

to touch the sun,

We must let go of ourselves,

and fall,

And thank God for his hands

That catch us




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