Someone said they were tired,

and I felt it to my bones.

It echoed through the deep

dark caverns of my soul

It echoed to my heart,

and settled in my eyes,

It dripped out with the

tears I cried

It ran down my face,

and dried on my skin:

I walked through life

with a thin,

brittle layer of tired

covering me;

And it curved my spine,

and it dragged my feet.

It opened my mouth,

and words spewed out.

I couldn’t hold them back,

and they hurt you.

I tried, you know,

to hold it back.

Is it my fault?

Could I have stopped it?

I never wanted to hurt you;

It was the monster inside.

All because

someone said they were tired:

I felt it within my bones.

It pounded through my heart,

it branched throughout my soul.

It poured through my eyes,

opened my mouth

and then,







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