I know they mean well

–yes, they do–

And to them their words are

kind and true

Not cages of unbroken rules.


I am a captive

in this cage they’ve built–

A captive, but there’s still the guilt

That I’m not worthy of it all;

All this, the product of their toil.


You see, this cage is gilded with

A love so bright I almost think

Sometimes, that I’m on the brink

of endless possibilities.

And if I jump, I will not fall, but soar

on the wings of their love for me.


I won’t fall.


And I know that one day they will come,

with a key,

And let me out.

I won’t cry, and I won’t shout

But I’ll jump.

Soar or fall, I know I’ll try not to look back.


But I will.


And there they’ll be,

watching me.

A key in their hands, and their hearts

on the floor,

Where they put them when they

opened the door.


So they wouldn’t feel them break

As I walked through that gate.


My parents love me

–yes, they do–

I know this, and now,

so do you.



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