Everyone strives towards something. There is in all of us a desire for better things, a future that outshines the reality of today. For many of us, though the desire for the happiness of tomorrow has overcome the reality of today. Our society is one that focuses not on what we have, but what we can get. The T.V. we watch, the magazines we read, and our own attitudes are all about getting what we want, with no consequences. We spend so much time wanting, we don’t remember to appreciate what we have.

One of the things that our generation has been geared towards since our formative years is personal happiness and satisfaction. “I want, I need, I deserve-” these words have been continually in our mouths our entire lives. We are told that if we want something, we should have it. If we need something, it is given to us. We deserve the best, because we are the equal to anybody here, and if they have it, why should’t we? Whether or not we truly need it, we get it. It could be an iPod, a 50$ sweater, or a new phone. But these objects aren’t happiness. And maybe happiness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

We have raised the value of happiness so high that we’ve devalued the rest of our emotions. To us, it’s not good to be sad anymore. We don’t like it, we don’t like the way it makes us feel, or the way it makes us behave. So we focus on being happy, on tomorrow, on the fact that it will be better than today. Only, it isn’t evil to feel sad. It isn’t bad to cry. We won’t go to jail for simply being angry. When we try to compress the rest of our emotions, when we push everything but the smile on our face deep into us where nobody else can see it, we aren’t helping ourselves, and we could be hurting ourselves and others.

I don’t want to tell you to spend the rest of your life hurting over what people say to you, or being angry with someone. Sometimes, though, it’s better to cry for a day than to smile for a year. Sometimes, if you don’t let it out, you burst.

So if you feel sad, cry. If you’re angry, let it out. No-one should ever feel that they have to smile when they don’t want to. Not me, not you, not anybody.





5 Replies to “Happiness”

  1. Very true, and infact I suspect that is someone was ‘happy’ all the time it would come to be a non-emotion as it would have no contrast, a bit like the chemically happy folk in the novel 1984. How would we recognise happiness without knowing sadness? Really thought provoking post! 🙂

  2. Must feel every emotion. To value happiness we must know what being sad feels like. we’re human after al and its perfectly ok not be strong all the time.

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