Unsteady love

How can you look

into my eyes

Yet not feel repercussions

of your lies?


You can disappear,

just like that,

But then back you come,

like you never left.


Act as if you’re

a cut above the rest.

Don’t ever look back,

you’ve flown the nest.


I’ll never forget you

or the way that I feel;

You’re my portion of hurt,

myย Achilles heel.


You fly high above me,

a bird on the wing;

Free of responsibility,

Free of feelings.


When one day you hear

I too have left this town

Know you’ll always haunt me–

like a forever repeating sound.


An echo in the dark,

you’ll follow me forever;

A ghost haunting my footsteps

a stain on my hands.


You broke my heart,

first of all.

I’ll always remember

your unsteady love.



9 Replies to “Unsteady love”

  1. A melancholy and sensitive story of disappointment told very meaningfully. You have chosen lovely phrasing and language to generate the mood perfectly. You maintain a rhyme on the 2nd and 4th lines of each stanza that generates a good tone and I wonder that you abandoned this scheme towards the end because I think it is worth maintaining the continuity despite the extra effort. Well done.

    1. Thank you.
      For the compliments, but more, for the advice. Your comment is pretty much exactly what I’ve been hoping to see. I appreciate your advice incredibly.

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