Everybody out there reading my blog, this is for you. Thank you! Thank you so very very much! Today Frankly Me reached 500 (five HUNDRED) views! I’m sure you can imagine my delight. I know this is a relatively small number, but it means a lot to me, a ton to me, that since October 2012, somebody -you- has clicked on my blog and read my words.

500 times.

I love you all.

On this great day, I would like to put an idea out there for you. I know that some of you reading my blog have blogs of your own. Some of you write poetry, like me. I would like to do a collaboration with one of you, blogger or non-blogger, a poem co-written by the two of us. I’ve done this before with friends, and I know that I love the way these pieces turn out.

It would work like this:

You would write the first verse, or stanza of the poem, and send it to me, at franklymoi@gmail.com .

I would write the second verse, and send it back to you.

You reply with the third verse, and so on.

It could be anywhere from two to ten or even 20 verse/stanzas long!

We could post it on both our blogs, or just Frankly Me (this is up to you).

To enter your name to be chosen, just leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite post, and the reason why you chose it. Leave your email in the comment, and I will write back to you if you are chosen. If enough people enter, I will do this contest again. 🙂

Once again,

Thank You.





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