Diseased Heart (with OniMike)


Calling all strangers,

Calling all friends,

Calling all peoples

to emotions end.

Calling a stop to the tears on my face,

Calling a stop to my heart and its race

Calling a stop to love and to hate

Calling a stop to dreams and to fate.

I’ve had enough.

It’s over, I’m done.

I’m giving up the ghost of a smile

Saying goodbye to you for a while

Hanging up on your call

and giving away

All the letters you’ve sent

and the words that you say.

I’m leaving, I’m running,

I’m burning down

All the hopes that you’ve built up,

and left standing alone

I’m burning them,

Tearing them down to the ground.

Destruction is all that I want and I need

Because anything living only succeeds

In giving me dreams that turn into dust

So I’m killing them all because I must

to keep myself safe from your lies and your touch.


Maybe my lies are just a disguise,

no, a compromise of

the part of myself

that I despise

It’s a mask that was given the task

to protect my weakness;

For I lack the strength,

I cannot take bullets,

My armor is not that of a tank:

Rather I flank and dodge and lie,

so sometimes I cry,

as I sit at home

Wishing I could speak only truth,

but what good would that do me

or you?


You cry foul and weakness

loss and despair

You tell me that you lie to protect

–that you care–

You claim all this is

a shield over your soul

And that these words that kill me

are what keep you whole.

Oh, they’ll keep you holey;

they’ll tear you to shreds!

They’ll rip out your soul

and they’ll leave you for dead.

You ask me what good

the truth could ever do…

Well, speak it for once

and you’ll see it in plain view!

It heals and it cleanses,

it washes away

all the bruises and sorrows,

and dirt and disdain;

And while this destruction

comes with a price,

It’s worth it.

For only then can new life

grow in the ashes of feelings destroyed

As music can only be heard

in an absence of noise.


The truth shall be heard.

But I am not one who people observe,

nor do I deserve the pleasure

of telling the truth,

Because all my lies do is kill my aching soul

I lose control

the more I push and pull;

I throw people away

and then they start to play

a vile game with my heart

It gets ripped apart,

so I hide behind the mask:

Forgiveness is all that I ask.


But how can I forgive

when all the heart in me

has been ripped out of my chest

and all the feelings I have

have been left for dead;

Lying alone in the soles of my feet

and decaying slowly into dirt

While flowers of hate grow into weeds

and darkness fills the air that I breath

And the disease that killed you infects me

Filling my organs with pus and blood

and turning me into someone else

Someone, something with a murderous bent

and motives clear as mud.


Then you can have my heart,

I have no need,

I have lost all feelings,

and have taken evil seed.

I can do nothing good

Except replace your heart,

the one I broke,

with a very cruel joke.


And I want your heart?


I don’t know;

It’s a good deal–

You break it,

You buy it.


I need your corrupt, broken, dirty heart?

I need the disease that already runs through your veins in mine?

I want more of the hurt, and the pain, and the tears?

I’ve had enough of it, over these years.

All I want is a way out,

an escape hatch,

A way to be free,

An inoculation from you and from me

A different perception,

A new way of life.

To leave myself behind

and to find a soul that is clean, and new;

but most of all,


Of you.


My heart is the last sacred place that I have.

There is no where else to escape to:

For me to give my only heart to you

means that

The last good piece of myself will die;

Depending on what you choose to do.

It depends on you.





2 Replies to “Diseased Heart (with OniMike)”

  1. Wow..amazing. What an excellent piece u both have written. very powerful,profound and in perfect rhythm n co ordination. Loved reading every word. I really wish I cd learn to write like this someday. πŸ™‚

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