Inside Me

I’m banging my head against a wall

but nobody hears it

And I’m screaming out my pain

but nobody answers my call

And I’m holding a knife to my wrist

and the blood is starting to fall

And the tears are coursing down,

but nobody notices, at all;

And I’m shivering, shaking,

I’m filled with fear

and depression, and hurt;

But nobody hears my heart beat

It’s racing out of my chest

and nobody cares enough to catch it

Because nobody sees the inside me;

And nobody cares what I need.


For Arv and Justice, 

who listen. 




6 Replies to “Inside Me”

  1. I know. I’ve been there – so I know how it feels. Know that it’s not only pain, it’s another rung on the ladder too. I know. I climbed out. How else could I write as I do. Your writing tells that you’re climbing too. C’mon up here – the view is awesome…inspiring…

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