Blue Gravity

The worst has already come, but not gone,

it lingers, like a foul stench in my nose

or a taste on my tongue

And I cannot shake its burden from my back

nor wipe its tears from my eyes.

So I call the wind to take the smell away

but it is cold

and the blood freezes in my veins

and the water that I drink freezes on my lips

and my fingers freeze to the glass that I sip

and the tears that I cry freeze on my skin

and I cannot move

or even begin

to realize the depths of trouble that I’m in.

And the sorrows that I hold erupt on my hands

and they peel me open

and leave me dry

and wasted

and barren

And the light shines down,

but it is not my friend;

It is the cold blue gravity of the lights on the ceiling

of the grave that I’m in.

So I drop to the floor

and force a smile to my face:

I’ll steel my heart, and this I’ll embrace.

For it’s only when we conquer the hells of our hearts

that the life within

can make a new start.



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