Forgotten Paths

I’m walking on a path,

but my road isn’t straight.

It’s dark, and it curves,

and I cannot see the way.

Yet still, you follow me,

you shadow my every step;

I tell you to find your own road,

but still, you haven’t left.

Don’t you know where I’m going?

There are no endings there;

No “Happily Ever Afters”,

No dreams come true or answered prayers.

There’s only the never-ending sound

of footsteps falling

Along a barren road:

Dust clouds fill the air you breathe,

and you can’t put down your load.

No matter how heavy your eyes grow,

you can never rest:

Sleep is a dream of the past,

found when you lose your final breath.

So leave me, now, and run away,

I’m on a path to Hell.

You’ll forget me, once you’ve gone,

and never dream of me again.



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