Streams of Sound

Words drip from my lips

a steady stream of consciousness

A babbling brook that never sleeps

reminder of a heart that barely beats.

In direct disproportion,

my lips move faster than my blood

As if the streams of sound

that fill my veins

Are gushing out;

A testament to my fading heart.

If they lag,

you know I’m dying.

If they rise,

you know I’m trying

To beat the unforgiving odds

of silence weighing down my tongue.

But if I ever cease to speak,

then I’ve died.

Can you resurrect me?

Pump my lungs with clouds of sound,

and let me rise from underground

From the mud that is silence filling my ears

And wash away all my fears.

Speak to me; let me hear

The sound of your voice,

And restart my heart

with the words on your lips.



2 Replies to “Streams of Sound”

  1. What a lovely allusion. The ‘sound’ metaphor is inspirational and you have threaded it through your lyrical thoughts very effectively. Well done.

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