I opened my chest

and took out my heart

and I fed my heart to the birds.

They circled and soared

and they landed

and they ate it out of my hands.

I watched them feed

and felt nothing,

Every pain was gone

and every nerve was numb

and I fed my heart to the birds

And they ate it.

And they did not care

and they did not see

and they took it from me.

And so I stand,

In the middle of the square

On a pavement stained red

with my fears and cares

And the birds fly

And my heart soars with them

And I watch them

And I am numb.

Don’t blame the birds;

beaks and talons stained red

It was offered,

and they fed.

Scorn me now,

If you will,

The empty shell.

For I was a fool,

who thirsted for love.

So I stand;

Body empty,

Blood cold,

And my heart flies with the birds.



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