Words fail me.
          I cannot help but try
          Grasping at strands,
          Searching for a form,
          Clawing through emotions
          to find the centre of
          An angry storm of words.
          Your face is turned away;
          blank, ignorant,
          oblivious to everything
          but the narrow strip
          afforded to you by
          your habits, beliefs,
          convictions! of right,
          calling, command.
          Words pour out of you,
          A harsh torrent
          binding me to a hard chair
          in a room with no shadows.
          I am blinded by your rage.
          You define me,
          confine me,
          attempt to align me
          with your vision of the world
          right and wrong,
          black and white;
          but all I see is gray.
          You are drowning me
          in your words;
          The last thing I will hear
          will be the rapids
          of your judgement.



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