A Love Poem

Here’s a love poem for a boy I’ll never meet
Here’s to his eyes I’ll never see
His heart, though I know it’ll never be mine
and his smile, always in my eye

Here’s to you, my darling,
Here’s to all your days
Here’s to all your errant thoughts
and all your gentle ways

Perhaps someday you’ll read this
Perhaps someday you’ll smile
You’ll think it sweet and whimsical
but you’ll never know my wiles

I’m not the same as you, you see
I’m not your kind of girl
I’m not sweet and dainty,
I’ll never be your hidden pearl

I’m a broken girl, darling
I’m a book with pages gone
No matter how you read me
You’ll never truly know my song

But this one is for you, sweet boy
because this one you deserve
You’re the boy I’ve always dreamt about
and I wish I was your girl.


2 Replies to “A Love Poem”

  1. This melancholic flight of fancy is well structured in form with particularly effective rhythm and a lovely, caring voice. The poignant tone of acceptance is truly heartbreaking. Very well done Dagenn (what does your name mean?)

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