Across the World

Across the world
on the deep blue sea
a wind blew out of the north
and the waters danced to the beat
of a drummer for the gods.
Across the world,
the waves grew high
and a boat flew through the skies
her sails were caught in a fevered wind
and the waves danced wild, wild.
Beneath the waves,
the wild ones watched
with eyes as hungry as wolves
they danced beneath the shifting sea
and prayed the boat would drown.
Up they reached
with clammy limbs
and stroked the helmsman’s hands
they held him with the seagod’s grip
he knew the boat was damned.
His heart was breaking as he fought
his tears were lost in the wind
he was tied to his post
his life was lost
but he was not the only man.
He screamed his deathcry into the wind
he swore damnation on the gods
he fell to his knees
but was caught by his bonds
and so he stood to his fate.
And across the boat
the captain fled
abandoning his man for his life
the captain
the mate
and the helmsman’s wife.
And the last man standing cried her name
he cursed her fickle heart
and he cried his love into the wind
his love
his heart
his life.
And the wild ones danced
beneath the waves
and the boat sang a haunting refrain
as her timbers tore
and her sails rent
and the helmsman watched it rain.
Across the world
on the deep blue seas
a man and a boat sank beneath the waves
and a raft slipped away.
Across the world
a helmsman died
so that his love might live
and the wild ones took his final breath
they drank it from his lips.


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